What is Astrology?

Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences. Astrology relies more upon the skill and intuitive capacities of the interpreter than upon the complicated rules.

Astrology is the science that depicts the influence of heavenly bodies upon worldly affairs along with the individual’s character and life. This is one of the oldest science based on the effects of solar currents on the human life.
 As we all know that “Knowledge is Power”. Astrology assist us in knowing the destiny along with the pitfalls that lie ahead of us. This knowledge of Astrology helps us the best course to obviate from the catastrophe.

Why astrocareer.com?

You can make software for almost all the rules required to prepare Horoscope but no software can interpret without the intuitive skills of the Astrologer. So those who provide computerized reports will never be able to provide the perfect prediction or analysis.

We prepare a complete manual report developed by an experienced Astrologer which covers the in-depth study of the entire Natal chart and related Divisional chart. The analysis also includes Ashtavarga chart.  

What is CAREER ?

CAREER is the sequence of occupations which one undertakes throughout a lifetime to reach to the pinnacle of success. Astrology is the perfect tool to draft the career chart such that the native reaches to the optimum of his career.

How Astrology plans your Career ?

The Natal chart indicates the career pattern and the zodiac and planets in the 10th house indicates the most appropriate career.  There are various other

The Natal chart indicates the life pattern and the stars indicate the events to happen. The remedial part of Vedic Astrology guides us to save ourselves from mishappenings. As we all know an Umbrella cannot stop the rain but can save you from getting drenched. Similarly, remedies in the form of gemstones, yantras and Mantra cannot avoid the calamity that are predicted in life but can reduce the degree of calamity.


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