What is Samudrik Shastra ?

Samudrik Shastra is always a tradition; it is as old as the faculty of culture, history or civilization and shall remain in practice. It is also known as Oceanography.
In oceanography, it is believed that the structure of body parts is capable of defining your personality. This scripture is known as Samudrik Shastra because it was written by great Rishi Samudra, The other name to it is Anga Shastra.

It is believed that the shape of the body parts can tell about the nature of a person. Many believe the arguments stated in this scripture. Like various parts of the body, it has also been told in oceanography that how a person’s personality can be known by the shape of the thumb of the hand.

Samudrik Shastra on Thumb:

Small and thick Thumb
There is a lack of confidence in people whose thumb is small and thick. These people do not trust anyone very quickly. Also, such people are emotionally weak.

Thin and long thumb
If the thumb of a person’s hand is thin and long, then such a person is very courageous and has to struggle a lot in life. But such a person does not shy away from struggling and achieves successes in life very soon.

Thumb bent forward
If the thumb of your hand is bent forward, it means that you are not physically very strong. At the same time, oceanography also tells that such people are shy by nature.

Thumb turns too much backwards
If the thumb of your hand turns too much backwards, then it is believed that such a person is very kind. It is also said that these people are very emotional and have a lot of rites.

Thumb does not turn backwards
If the thumb of your hand does not turn backwards and stays straight, it means that you are very candid. Also your physical energy is very high. Such people are less emotional.

Love and affection judged through thumb
It is believed that the size of the fingers and thumbs of a native can tell about the secrets of an individual. A[art from this, It is also mentioned that love relations can be known by looking at the thumb of the hand. It is said that the relationship of thumb to love relationship can also be understood.

Thumb thick and small
It is said that if the thumb of a person’s hand is thick and small, then such a person can find someone’s love very hard. Such people have more practicality and less sentimentality, so the love relationships of such people do not last long. Even if the love affair of such people lasts, then there is not much faith in them.

Thumb is thin and long
It is believed that people whose thumb is thin and long have many love affairs. These people easily fall in love with anyone. Such people do not think much before falling in love. At the same time, such people also trust someone very quickly. According to experts, the love of such thumbs is marriage.

Thumb thin but not long
The thumb of many people’s hands is thin but not long, such people are considered very fortunate from the perspective of love. Scholars of oceanography tell that such people choose for themselves a person of very sensible and good personality. It is said that these people have an understanding of good and bad and they try to behave well with their partner and their relationship does not deteriorate.

Thumb is not turned backwards
It is said that people whose thumb is not turned backwards are much less emotional. Because of this, their love affair does not last long. The search for their spouse is not over for a very long time.

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