Astrology has a significant role in dissecting the queries related to Married life, Marital status, Life Partner, mental and physical Compatibility and all the factors related to marriage.

Mars and Physical compatibility
Mars position in the horoscope plays an important role in the physical relationship with the Life partner.

Placement of Mars in Horoscope
If Mars is placed in the ascendant then the native has strong sexual urges. Native enjoys the intimate relationship and express his physical affection to his partner. He is considered as a strong Manglik and that is the reason if he is not married to a Manglik he does not get the reciprocal and finally feels unsatisfied.  He constantly seek for love and affection from the partner.

If Mars is in the 2nd house then the native lacks expression. He has a strong sexual urge but lacks the ability to display the same. He is unable to express his feelings and feels frustrated.

If Mars is in the 3rd house then the native leads a good and healthy sexual life. He should maintain fair and honest relationship. It is believed that if person with 3rd placed Mars gets into illegal relationship has to face punishment in some or the other way.

Mars in the 4th house confer native to be highly experienced in sexual relationship and this makes him or her exotic, The native is fond of sex, and is highly attached with the with the partner.

If Mars is placed in the 5th house, the native makes native shy in sexual activities.  Such native pretends to be intellectual and modest subsiding the intimate feelings.

Native with Mars in the 6th House express sex as a normal routine native a kind of feeling that sex is a normal routine. Such native is not fanatic for sex. and thus dislike following his partner.Mars in Seventh House makes native demanding in sex, fond of sex and romantic also. Due to excessive sexual urge the native may indulge in indiscreet sex life.

If Mars is in 8th house then native is indulged in sexual relationship , such native is highly attached to principles and morals of married life.

If Mars is in 9th house it makes native moderate to partner in sex habits. Such natives do not give priority  to the sex and sexual activities.

Mars if placed in the 10th house makes native systematic and feisty in sexual matters. The native may be fond of watching porn films and very conscious of successful sex act and may put vigor and vitality in sexual performance.

If Mars is placed in 11th house makes native rage for sex. Such natives hide his/ her desire openly and pretends to be like a saint outwardly but in the inner thought he is crazy for intimate physical relations.

Mars in 12th House makes native restless in sexual behavior. Such native may be regardless of Partner’s  feelings and could go to the extent of adopting unnatural sexual means.

Mars placed in various zodiac signs

Aries –Vigorous, Great sexual urge, never satisfied in sex, youthful appearance.
Taurus – Adept in sexual act, knows pleasing the partner.
Gemini – Deficient in sex life, uncertain love life.
Cancer – Full of libido and easy to please in sex, great temper but cools down with sex or love act.
Leo – Crude in sex and cunning in love, great vigour and cruel at heart.
Virgo – Weak sex act, exhaustion afterwards and always afraid of losing health
Libra – Diplomatic in love and adept in sex act, highly passionate.
Scorpio – Secret longing, love is more on mental plane than physical, such native does not relish frequent sex acts.
Sagittarius – Adhere to moral principles, uses endearing words, pleases partner.
Capricorn – Care-free in sex matters, never loses heart to anyone, hard to please in sex matters.
Aquarius – Fair in love but a secret sinner, can rise to expectations of the partner.
Pisces – Dual love life, Professing morality but having clandestine affairs. 
Astrology and Life Partner

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