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We all know that Planning is the key factor for any success be it daily life, business or competition or Sports. While planning should be done after in-depth analysis of the environment, as environment is the most important factor. Let us understand this, while launching a new product in business you have to study the area in which you are launching, for instance, selling Raincoat in Jaisalmer is more effective or selling raincoat in Mumbai? Obviously Answer is Mumbai. Similarly, playing with 3 spinners is more conducive or playing with 3 pacers on Green Park stadium Kanpur? Obviously answer is 3 Spinners. Hence, You cannot say that a good approach for anything is proven to be good until and unless you have judged the environment in which you have to act.

You must be thinking why am I talking of environment above. The reason is that in everything you do you are bound to study the surrounding / environment before getting into action. Similarly, before planning for the new year 2022 you should study the stars and then get into action. This will help you as to when you have to go in full swing and in which period you have to be on maintenance. You have to accept the fact that we are all destined for what we have to do. but when to work hard, when to act smart and when to take rest all need to be properly balanced.

Our Vimshottari dasha and the Gochar has very important role to play in our planning. If you go back and analyze your past you will find that few years of your life were super productive while few of the years were lean periods. It is all precalculated as per our infinite years of our past life. The share market consultant very accurately predicts about which share price will gain and which will lose.

Year 2022 is significant in many ways, Saturn shifting to Aquarius and Jupiter shifting to Pisces. Apart from Rahu and Ketu shifting to Aries and Libra respectively. So, many of us will find drastic change in life. Lastly 22 is considered to be a master builder Number in Numerology to which brings all the dreams come true. Hence, Analyzing 2022 is the most important as the entire scenario will change in the coming year 2022.

Hence, without any delay, plan your upcoming year 2022 and subsequently plan your actions accordingly. We promise to manually prepare each of your plans absolutely based on your chart.

Wishing you good luck and success in the year 2022.

Written by ashutosh7m

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