Astrology and Saturn Transit

Saturn, the karmic planet will be transiting in Moola nakshatra in Sagittarius from 25 October 2017 at 11:30 HRS (IST), It will continue in

same constellation till 01 March 2018, 13:46 HRS (IST), and then move onto Poorvashada nakshatra in Sagittarius.
Some important tips reated to next 4 months:

1.Saturn transit in Moola Nakshatra owned by Ketu during next 4 months will deliver much faster results than anticipated as there is no

retrograde motion during this period.
2. Those who were promised or shown glimpses of hope during early this year Feb0to July' 2017), will find some positive outcomes in the

next 4 months.
3. If you got into any legal issue during earlier part of 2017, then better hope for a resolution only after March 2018.
4. If Ketu is placed in 1,2,3,4,6,9,11 in one’s horoscope, then this transit will be beneficial.
5. If Ketu signifies houses like 5 or 7, love or marriage will happen suddenly in next 4 months.
6. SInce Ketu is an iumpilsive planet, so everything will be sudden and unexpected. If it signifies 8th house, person may suddenly develop

suicide tendencies, self pity, withdrawl, inferiority complex etc.
7. Since both Saturn and Ketu are ‘Seperative‘ planets. and Ketu placed in Capricorn and Saturn transiting in Ketu Nakshatra these two

planets can drastically change political situations, lifestyles, relations, financial conditions, religious and spiritual inclinations.
8. During next 4 months, saturn influences Moola and will also aspect Uttarashada, Arudra and Magha. So natives born in the mentioned

nakshatra will face some tough times, hurdles in their work, financial hiccups, losses in business, threats of losing job, defamation, ill-health

of self or family members, lack of concentration in education and strained relations at home or work.
9. The coming 4 months are good for those born under Bharani, Revathi nakshatras.
10. In general, for next 4 months Saturn will lead to reduce corruption, enhance spirituality, tax reduction, more donations to religious

organizations and temples,
11. Increased war threats and tense situation across pacific ocean.
12. Those with power and living on either side of river Ganga, will be the losers.
13. Many seasonal fruits, medicinal plants, medicines will lose business. Pharma companies will see some losses.
14. Indian army will also have tobe more attentive and aware.
15. Remedies to handle a tough saturn transit are : quitting alchohol and meat, avoid lying, changing jobs, having control over food and

sexual activities, moral behaviour, avoiding huge investments or loans and loose talk.


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